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Why Choose Total Web Solutions?


Reach a wider audience: A website allows your store to be open 24/7 and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. This means that people from all over the world can find and purchase your products, even if they're not able to visit your physical store.

Increase sales: A website can provide a platform for customers to purchase your products online, which can increase sales and revenue. Additionally, e-commerce functionality can enable customers to purchase your products at any time, which can be more convenient for them.

Improve customer service: A website can provide a platform for customers to learn more about your store, your products, and your values. You can also use it to communicate with customers and answer their questions, which can help to improve customer service and satisfaction.

Enhance your brand: A website can be used to enhance your store's brand and image, by providing a professional online presence that showcases your products and values.

Cost-effective: A website is inexpensive to set up and can bring in cost-saving benefits by integrating with your Bookstore Manager Software.

In short, a Bookstore Manager website can be a powerful tool for promoting your Christian store and reaching a wider audience, increasing sales, improving customer service, enhancing your brand, and being cost-effective.


"I have gotten more web orders with BSMGR's website than I EVER did with Signature/Innovative (now Parable) glad I came back and tried your new web solution."

-Andrea (New Covenant Bookstore, Shelbyville, TN)

Frequently asked questions?

Who control's the site.  You are in control of the content and pricing your site presents. Items are automatically added to your site. Show on-hand information.  Automatically sync pricing in your store and website.

Does it integrate?  Yes, the product information syncs with your store's inventory. It also will automatically add sales and promotions.

Do we split profitS  No, with Total Web Solutions, you keep the profits of the sale. Since you control the sale, you also keep track of your own customers. We do not profit share with you. You keep ALL profits.  All sales go straight to your bank account. We only charge a small hosting fee. 

Who does fulfillment?

  • When an order is received, you will receive an email of the order.  You will then fulfill the product as your normally would a special order. BSM customers will have a website option at the subtotal screen of POS. This allows for your end-of-day reports to reflect how much you did in website sales.


Is it expensive?  With Bookstore Manager’s low hosting fees, you are able to build and maintain your site without breaking the bank.


  • Christian Books & More Database

  • Change prices in BSM to automatically change on your site

    • Syncs Munce, Parable, and other catalog pricing​

  • Feature on sale items that are available in store

  • Filter products by title (by ISBN), author, or vendor

  • Add your own custom products

  • Multiple payment options

  • Best Sellers updated each week

  • Coupons, vouchers, and discounts

  • Secure checkout

  • Create as many pages as you want

  • Curbside or in-store pickup options

  • List current events, store events, and concerts in your area

  • Links to social media profiles

  • Multiple Templates

  • Music Samples

Allow your customers to shop from anywhere!

Website Solutions banne

Website Pricing

Setup Fee



Hosting Fee

$74.99/month (Current BSM Subscriber)

$119.99/month (Non BSM Subscriber)

Demo Sites

Bookstore Buzz

EChristianstore Demo

Live Customer Site

New Covenant

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