Why Choose Total Web Solutions?


Control.  You are in control of the content and pricing your site presents. Show on-hand information.  Automatically sync pricing for Christian Books and More products.

Integration.  The product information is from the Christian Books & More database that we maintain. However, there are a lot of products in the database to assist retailers as they help customers find the right products.
Here are the product counts as of 1/21/2021:

  • Bibles over 7,089

  • Books over 209,191

  • International Books (mainly Spanish) almost 15,000

  • Music over 40,543

  • Videos over 8,323

  • Software over 1,278

  • Others (apparel, decor, church supplies, etc.) over 88,850

Profit.  With Total Web Solutions, you keep more of the profits of the sale. Since you control the sale, you also keep track of your own customers. We do not profit share with you. You keep your profits.  All sales go straight to your bank account. We only charge a hosting fee. 

Take Orders with Confidence.  

  • To help keep the website search results relevant, we can filter what gets added to the website against the following:

    • QBS - Quest Burn System (included with BSMGR)

    • Ingram

    • Anchor

    • New Day

    • BSMGR Inventory (coming soon for version 9)


  • When an order is received, you will receive an email of the order.  You will then fulfill the product as your normally would a special order. BSM customers will have a Website option at the subtotal screen of POS. 


Low Cost.  With Bookstore Manager’s low hosting fees, you are able to build and maintain your site without breaking the bank.


For a list of features, see the list below.


  • Christian Books & More Database

  • Filter products by title (by ISBN), author, or vendor

  • Add your own custom products

  • Multiple payment options (Authorize.net or PayPal)

  • Best Sellers

  • Coupons, vouchers, and discounts

  • Secure checkout

  • Create as many pages as you want

  • Curbside pickup option

  • Easy setup with web interface

  • Offer in-store pick up

  • List current events, store events, and concerts in your area

  • Unlimited Pages

  • Multiple Templates

  • Music Samples

Allow your customers to shop from anywhere!

Website Solutions banne

Website Pricing

Setup Fee



Hosting Fee

$74.99/month (Current BSM Subscriber)

$119.99/month (Non BSM Subscriber)