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Instant Access To More Than 300,00 Products

Developed by Bookstore Manager® software, the Christian Books & More® (CB&M) Database is the industry’s most comprehensive
listing of over 300,000 Christian Products and powers all of our RMS software. More than an extravagant catalog of product information, the CB&M Database allows frontliners to actively sample and quickly become an expert on an amazing array of Christian products.


The database allows frontliners to view images of products, listen to music samples, and get product synopsis and more.  With our connection to the major distributors we are also able to provide you with up to the minute stocking levels.  You never will have to questions like this anymore, "Can I get this?" "Is this out of stock?" "Do they still carry this?"


Even better, it integrates with our RMS packages which means you won't have all that data entry you have with other systems.  Simply scan the product or look it up and all the product data comes in automatically.  Some of these fields include: UPC, 10 digit ISBN, 13 digit ISBN, Title, Author, Publisher, suggested categories, and retail price.  You never have to hand input your items again.  Christian Books & More offers it all and is included with any RMS package.


Have your own website not through Bookstore Manager and need access to this data for your own website? Click here.

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