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Version 9 is here and here are the details.

Version 9 has been fully released.  Now is the time to take advantage if you haven't already. Read below to know more and answer some of your questions.

Remote Access

  • No need for extra software. With version 9 you can access your system on the go from anywhere you have a internet connection. It is built into the new version. Do more on the go.  Point of sale, purchase orders, inventory, and more.


  • We have made a lot of enhancements and there are more coming down the pipe! Features like the duplicating info in IVM, charity feature for rounding up change to a good cause, anniversary and birthday feature that notify your staff of upcoming important events, and much more!

Auto Updates

  • Your software will automatically update each week without having to load update disks. This also means if you are a Munce or Parable store, your catalog will automatically be in your system.

Cloud Support

  • You have options! You can choose full cloud support or our hybrid cloud option. Full cloud means everything is in the cloud including backups. We recommend the hybrid system which still runs on a local server.  This is important when your internet goes down, you are not down.  We host most of your database images and videos saving space on your drive by using our cloud for those images.

Version 8 Frozen

  • While we try to never freeze a version, we have chose to freeze version 8 to allow us to add enhancements we have never been able to do before.  While version 8 is frozen, but you will still get database updates and bug fixes. Don't wait though, upgrade to 9 today to get all the great stuff you're reading about!

Frequently asked questions

Will I need to retrain my staff?

  • No, while version 9 looks new, all the same content still exists with some minor visual changes.

Do I have to change out all my computer hardware?

  • You shouldn't have to. As long as you're using Windows 7 64-bit or higher you should be fine. 99% of the peripherals you already use should be compatible too! No major hardware changes are needed in most cases.

How much downtime do we need to plan on?

  • Zero! That's right, we do all the change while you're store is closed.  You don't even have to be at the store.

Ok, I'm ready to buy?   How does this work?

  • You just need to head over to our order supplies page and purchase the Version 9 Upgrade.  Once it is purchased, you will get an email from our support team with a questionnaire. Just fill this out. A technician will follow up with you to set up the remote tools needed to do the upgrade. When they call to do the upgrade, they will schedule it at your convenience.

I have more questions. Who do I call?

  • Not the Ghostbusters, call Steven and he can answer your questions.  800.997.6724 option 1

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