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A Sleek Interface for all your needs...

With more stores offering more in gifts, our Touch POS software solution is an affordable and easy to use menu system for our point-of-sale management solution.  It's packed with features you'll need as a Christian Retailer, and is flexible enough to handle even the most demanding operation.


Even better, it easily and fully integrates with our RMS point-of-sale software, offering you a one-system store management solution.  With RMS Touch POS, you are able to set up buttons for all your gifts, books, and other non bar coded items.  By doing so, it makes ringing up hard to read barcodes or items that have no barcodes with the touch of a button.  See below for a complete breakdown of features.


  • 100% touch screen driven

  • Don't have touch screens? No problem, works great with a mouse and keyboard as well.

  • Customizable menu buttons for gifts, books, apparel, logo items, and more

  • Setup up to 99 different menus for different categories

  • Supports credit, debit & gift card processing

  • Voids, order changes & add-ons are handled effortlessly

  • Intergraded inventory, purchasing and receiving

  • Detailed sales reports to track your operation

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