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What Sets Quest Apart?
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When you have any RMS package from us QBS is included for FREE!  You still have to pay royalties etc but we don't charge a monthly fee for this service. 


With our Quest Burn System you have access to burn CD's on demand from the top music companies in our industry.


You can burn recorded music from companies like EMI (Capitol), Provident, and others.  You can also burn accompaniment CD's or vocal tracks from companies like Daywind, Christian World, Provident and more.


We also offer personalized kids CD's as well.  These make great gift items for your customers.  We offer Veggietales, Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Barney, and The Wiggles.


You have many options on how you burn as well.  If you have our POS system then you can choose to burn CD's right from your POS machine and not have to have as much of an investment in hardware.  You can get started on this plan for as little as $250.00.


We also offer a full solution that provides you a listening KIOSK with a touch screen for your customers to use.  This allows them to scan any CD or book in your store and it will show them information and play music samples from those selections.  It also allows you to submit CD's to be burned and also allows for special orders as well.


How Does It Work?

Licensed music and audio content is stored on our Quest Burn System hard drive, allowing your customers to quickly and easily sample a vast array of music product.


Our easy to use touch screen enables the customer to search by keyword, song title, artist name and more.  Customers easily listen to samples and view detailed information about the artist or accompaniment track.


Once the customer makes their choice, their order is automatically submitted to the POS station and the customer is notified to go see a cashier.  The cashier then checks out the customer and within 3 to 5 minutes the customer is ready to walk out the door with their brand new CD.


The Quest Burn System KIOSK can be placed anywhere in your store, while the actual burn unit may be stored behind your cash wrap, back room, or service area.

Quest Burn System (QBS)

    In Store Manufacturing-On-Demand
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Personalized cd
Personalied cd
Personalized cd
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