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EMV Credit Card Options


There are three options when it comes to processing credit cards with your RMS software.  Below we will break down the different options.  After you have reviewed the options, please navigate to the bottom of this page and follow the link to the ordering page.  Remember, you will need a unit at each check out.

emv unit
Option 1 - Bookstore Manager with Contacless Reader (Integrated with software)

(Recommended Option - integrated with RMS software)


EMV enabled and fully inegrated to your RMS Software with a single receipt.  The pin pad is customer facing and supports near field communication (Such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Smart Chip Credit Cards)


Price: $290 (Contactless Pin Pad)

Monthly Fee: BSM Processing (no EMV fees)

Monthly Fee: Other Processor $15 (1st unit), $7.50 (each additional unit)

emv unit
vx 520
Option 2 - Stand-Alone Terminal with Contactless Reader (Non-Integrated)

(NOT Integrated with RMS Software)


A stand-alone unit with a customer facing pin pad that supports near field communication (Such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Smart Chip Credit Cards).  The front liner will also have stand-alone terminal to enter the transaction amount on.  A receipt will print from the RMS software and from the terminal.


Price: $445 ($196 for Contacless Unit & $249 for Stand-Alone Terminal)

Option 3 - Stand-Alone Terminal without Contactless Pin Pad (Non-Integrated)

(NOT Integrated with RMS Software)


Same as option 2 except terminal will be turned towards customer after frontliner inputs sale amount (there is no customer facing pin pad).  Your customer and frontliner will share the same unit passing it back and forth.


Price: $249 (Stand-Alone Terminal)

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