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We have been helping Christian Retailers for over 25 years.  Let us use our expertise to help you be successful in owning your own independent or church bookstore.

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Top 5 Reasons to Partner With Us
Needs as a Christin Store

1. We Understand Your Needs As A Christian Retailer


Our software is tailor made with unequalled features for the Christian retailer. We know technology but Christian retailers are our only business. We offer proven software and features that have been in development for over 30 years.

Superior Customer Servce
Integration of Products

2. Superior Customer Service


Our goal is to make your store successful. By working tirelessly to build an interactive relationship with our users, we’re able to utilize your feedback and provide consistent improvements in our software. That’s why Bookstore Manager® is trusted by more than 1,500 Christian Stores.

3. Easy and Seamless Integration With Our Entire Family of Products


Because our software is developed in-house, all of our products are able to integrate seamlessly with each other or stand-alone. Each month you will be able to keep your POS and kiosk updated from the same update disk. Additionally, all stores may receive nightly updates at no extra charge.

Inventory Control

4. Cost-Effective Scalable Solutions No Matter the Size of Your Store


By offering tiered versions of RMS software, we’re able to meet the needs of any size store. As your store grows, there’s no need to worry about out-growing your retail technology.

Church or Bookstore point f sale

5. One Stop Shop For All Your Christian Retail Technology Needs


The Bookstore Manager® integrated family of products not only offers you Point-of-Sale software and touch-screen product sampling, but we power them with the largest database of Christian product available anywhere. We also offer web solutions for online sales plus an array of accessories tailored to meet the needs of any size store.

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Current News

  • Version 9 is a brand new version of Bookstore Manager Software.  It is on a Java platform which is different from anything we have used in the past.  Don't worry, while the screens look refreshed all your options you are use to are still there.  It also allows you to choose whether you are working inside the store or remotely.  It no longer requires you to have a separate program to facilitate this.  There is a cost involved in taking you to the new version, but, it is worth it!

Convention Info / Show Info

CPE Show - Lexington, KY

August 6-8 2023

Booth 804

Training provided at shows.


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